Love to hear @TheSloppyBoys talk on @stoppodcasting 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

It's the third week of classes and the third week in which there's been a major issue with campus wifi

It's great to be back to in-person learning 👍🏻

"Strangely missing from [Poilievre's] elite are CEOs, billionaires, hedge fund managers and other corporate bigwigs who actually make the decisions that shape our economy and impact the pocketbooks of ordinary Canadians."

Real Men would rather rot in jail than call a loved one to bail them out 💪🏻

Hell yeah! My email is marking mail from the HR department as spam! 🤘🏻

This is maybe the best COVID news we've had since the vaccines were released, but I've seen so few people talking about it via @SooToday

When a German makes fun of American coleslaw for being too sweet, that's salat-shaming.

Nearly flipped off a funeral procession because the lead vehicle* was flying two flags** 🙃

*the hearse
**The flags said "funeral"

Of course, COVID aside, it would be great if I could teach and my students could learn in well-ventilated classrooms 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I should note, that most of the classrooms have conspicuously placed air purifiers, which should eliminate airborne pathogens, but wouldn't eliminate CO2.

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So, there's always a spike at the top of the hour, privacy just from the changeover of classes. What's striking is the difference between the newer MN building (left) and the older IB (right). In MN, the CO2 actually *increases* over the hour!

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And finally, a fairly sparsely attended tutorial in another IB classroom.

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