White clam pizza rules and I don't care what any New York fucks think about it

You can't understand Ontario politics without understanding this

When these articles say "X did not comment" or whatever, they should follow it up with "but after we contacted them they posted this on twitter..."

It's funny how NYC uses its cultural hegemony to convince everyone that it's full of character and grit and life, while LA uses its cultural hegemony to argue about whether the Americana is better than the Glendale Galleria or the Grove

Academia: You need to get journal publications to be competitive on the job market.

The publication process:

As a white person I definitely feel that Whiteness needs to die in a fucking fire

I didn't know Jemima Kirke was in Friends, but if she was, she certainly wasn't a star!

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I don't know what this CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS thing is but literally every headline about it is a gd garden path sentence 😫

Wow! Even though @TheSloppyBoys didn't make it to Toronto, I managed to get a signed setlist!!

Me when Twitter notifies me that someone liked a reply to my tweet

People: Let us drink in parks, plz
Council: But we can't have public urination!
P: so install public bathrooms
C: but unhoused people will use them!
P: So provide them with housing
C: WHAT!?!?!?

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