That looks really promising. Looking forward for the 1st episode.

"THE ACTIVIST", a 5 part documentary about people prepared to venture beyond conventional ethics (and sometimes beyond the boundaries of law) in their pursuit of change. By

"I can go to jail right away if I'd save a life. That of a refugee that is. Nothing would happen to me if I'd save a European passport holder."

"Those who have understood and do not act, have not understood after all."

Solar powered micro datacenter in the work: the autonomous Datashedter ( need a better name, or sleep a bit more before naming things ... )

- 400W solar panels on top and a bunch of batteries for up to 4 days operations in the dark.
- Fiber uplink to main building.
- Wifi backup Uplink.
- the 3 Ham antennas in the picture are used for emergencies at crazy distances in case of all down in a 150-1000miles radius ( 1k miles is very very low bandwidth ofc ).

- DYI isolation in the work
- Moar shelves inside and probably power box overhaul.
- Testing/testing/testing.
- Migrating some services there ?

it should be fun to self host stuff :)

's CEO: "Yes, we use data to make products more helpful for everyone"

Google does offers helpful services, but primarily for their customers, not their users. Like this time its AI algorithms helped DoD with drones strikes

action at .

bridge blocked with people planting trees and solar panels 💚

Check's timeline for updates and photos/videos.

Ο Καθηγητής Jem Bendell εγραψε το καλοκαίρι ενα paper που εχει τιτλο Deep Adaptation και που σε γενικές γραμμες λέει οτι δεν υπάρχει σημείο επιστροφής για την κλιματική Αλλαγή που συντελείται. Το video αυτό είναι η απάντηση που βρήκε εκείνος πρίν λιγο καιρό΄στην θλίψη που τον είχε κυριεύσει.

What's wrong with the web, summarized in one screenshot. CERN's live streaming for the anniversary is delivered through .

Articles that has written,about the danger of a few tech platforms dominating the web, seem rather ironic at this point.

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