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Good to see it connected again. I was abit worried.

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@posrev @pete @realcaseyrollins Oh, man, my maly account is old.

I emailed you, it is back up.


I am unable to connect to @counter.fedi.live I get 502 Bad Gateway.
Do you know what happened?

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**Canada's parliament declares China's treatment of Uighurs 'genocide'**

"Canada is just the second country after the US to recognise China's actions in Xinjiang as genocide."


#news #bot

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I am also at @posrev I am usually there. You are welcome to follow me.

I think it will be safe. Three days should be OK. I have done my time in hospitality. Just don't refreeze it of course.

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@posrev "Not all laws are right" - unfortunately, that's right.

"Giving legal rights to rivers similar to humans is ridiculous" - why? Even non-existent entities that live on paper (I mean legal entities and states), have rights. And it works. I think it works because the very rights don't exist. We build our world on imagination! So I don't understand why now people are so concerned about the nature of robots. That is what actually ridiculous! :)

Not all laws are right. Giving legal rights to rivers similar to humans is ridiculous. Politicians make the laws and often they listen very little to people.

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When people tell me robots cannot be copyright holders of works they created because robots are not persons, I just notice that the rivers became legal persons in India. Rivers! That's right, rivers can have rights.
🔗 newsweek.com/human-rights-wate

And it's ok.
Law is just an instrument to make the world a better place. We can imagine and establish any legal institutes we want. So if it is useful to grant rivers, robots or even spoons with rights, we can just do it.

#law #copyright #IP

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Can you buy wine from the supermarket? Or just beer?

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Hey I am finally trying to ditch corporate social media and privacy unfriendly apps. During this internal and very difficult process I have discovered the terminology. Here I am to meet you all and why not, bring other folks over to the ! I like to use my social media to pick up information on a wide range of topics such as:

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Welcome, you'll be glad you made the switch:)

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@amarkos welcome here! If you want to read some stuff to get started, you can check write.privacytools.io/bwbjyxib
And look at the FediTips hashtag
Of course you don't have to remember everything from the start, it's just so that you know where to look ;)

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