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& Commission signed deal to finance the construction of new closed camps on the islands of Samos, Kos, Leros

Remember this when people preach about European ideals/values. A history full of concentration camps, colonialism & racism


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It's 47 years since the Polytechnic uprising, that led to the fall of the military junta the year after, in

Today the government forbid any public gathering. A ruling, that was last time issued in that day of 17.11 of 1973.

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Stevenson's Treasure Island. Yup, the original one, the yo-ho-ho and a barrel of rum kind. I'm hoping a somewhat straightforward story, even better a classic pirate one would be just what I need during this strange period, COVID et al.

I got an excellent copy via Standard Ebooks who do a tremendous job bringing classic works of literature to modern ebook standards:


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Things that should be illegal:
- HTML emails
- Electron applications
- All websites bigger than 10kb
- Proprietary software
- Zoom & co.
- Capitalism
- Weak type systems
- Weak type systems that call themselves strong but are really shitty
- Rewriting it in Rust
- Reference Counting
- Mathematical Platonism
- Whatever the fuck "realtime malloc" means
- Whatever the fuck "realtime stack allocation" means
- Go
- Medium blogs
- People who post their tweets on mastodon
- Using github / gitlab

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Donald Trump just tweeted, "I don’t care what state you’re in, this computer voting system is wide open to fraud and intervention." Oddly enough, he is 100% right, but for all the wrong reasons. He doesn't give a shit about voting-machine security, he just is pissed he lost. But, real talk: until voting machines are formally verified and mathematically certifiable to be fault tolerant, we should not trust them. github.com/gerlion/secure-e-vo, users.cecs.anu.edu.au/~dpattin, cs.princeton.edu/~appel/voting

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My experience as a poll worker in Pennsylvania


For those who asked me to write this up

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My favourite privacy tool is my:

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Pfffftttt!!!! Pfizer claimed it wasn't part of Warp Speed to try to block Trump for getting any credit for the vaccine development.

They lied.


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Nerds are square.

Hipsters are not.

The audience and creators are different.
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I'm new to having a social media presence and very nervous.

I'm a graduate of a liberal arts college and currently on leave from a Master of Social Work (MSW) program.

Passions: Disability justice and racial justice, access to education, ethics of care, free culture and free software, mental health, privacy as a human right, socialism

Interests: Backpacks, headphones, technology, watches

Television and movies: Doctor Who, Firefly, Pixar, Star Wars

Do people update #introductions as their lives change?

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@hypolite @posrev The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Twitter account confirmed it: twitter.com/FSPhiladelphia/sta…

A picture of Rudy Giuliani (one of Trump's attorneys) in front of the majestuous garage: twitter.com/SlexAxton/status/1…
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Oh my fucking god it’s real. The Trump team booked the wrong “four seasons” and now it all ends in a landscaping firm parking lot. Unbelievable. It should be illegal to be this happy

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What is my alignment?
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