Epicyon is an AGPL licensed ActivityPub protocol compliant federated social network server suitable for hosting a small number of accounts on low power systems requiring minimal maintenance, such as single board computers.

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Our new service is here!

LibreDNS: a public encrypted DNS service, that people can use to maintain secrecy of their dns traffic and bypass censorship. We already support "DNS over HTTPS" () and DNS over TLS.


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A list of tech coops and resources concerning tech coops and worker owned cooperatives in general. github.com/hng/tech-coops

librem5 στο σκρουτζ πότε ;; :-)

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☀️ 📷 #kalimera με ...θέα από Ελλάδα! #photography
Πελοπόννησος - Μάνη my.aegean.gr/gallery/Places/Gr
(από λευκώματα «Τόποι και Ταξίδια» στη ΦωτοGallery της κοινότητας)

#Greece #places #Peloponnese #castle #mountain #village #photo #Mani

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Camping and hiking at beautiful .
Raising awareness in the local communities about the energy lobby plans than threaten to destroy this magic place. (Mprolero and Katarchias peaks)

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What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon | Linux Journal


Learn how to use the Mastodon social network platform from the comfort of your regular IRC client.

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Μη διαβάζετε όπως διαβάζουν τα παιδιά, για να περάσετε ευχάριστα την ώρα σας, ούτε όπως διαβάζουν οι φιλόδοξοι, για να μορφωθείτε. Όχι, διαβάστε για να ζήσετε.
Το Θερινό Βιβλιοστάσιο, που φέτος διοργανώνεται για 3η συνεχή χρονιά, πρ


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