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Osada 2.0 released

Merry Xmas from Zotlabs.

Osada is an easy to use social network server of the blogging or "conversational" persuasion running over the ActivityPub protocol.  There's a great deal of mature and proven functionality available as the underlying codebase has been developed since 2001 and part of the fediverse since 2010.

Privacy groups
File management
Photo Albums
WebDAV access
and more...

There are several plugins/addons providing LDAP authentication, personal wikis, content filtering, "friend/acquaintance zoom control", Twitter/StatusNet API and much more.
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There is still an important gap between non-tech collectives and foss communites. Although they share values, many of the former still tend to use closed, tracking apps and extractive platforms. To make things worse, in many cases they consider the kind of technology they use as unimportant. I think that, both sides, we should work on reducing this gap.

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Here's an interview from 10 years ago with Evan Prodromou about his new and cool federated microblogging system, which used the OpenMicroBlogging protocol. The next year, 2009, the protocol would be completely replaced with the new OStatus protocol, which would survive with minor modifications until today.

Mastodon used OStatus originally, as did Pleroma, and they still support it, but today they prefer to speak ActivityPub with each other, another protocol based on Prodromou's work, evolved with the help of many others, not the least of which @cwebber . Many of the new Fediverse servers, like Misskey, speak only ActivityPub.…

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