+1 for the tux

imo, Super should be used for launching applications, Alt for window manipulation, Ctrl+Shift for in-app functions.

although i also use a combination of Alt+Super+arrows to resize windows...

this isnt a real victory,
but it is a decision to the right direction.

2nd in a raw after the 'no' to facebook, earlier at mid-summer

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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com

[Part 2] Julian Assange's fiance Stella Moris @StellaMoris1@twitter.com speaking on the final day of evidence in London extradition hearing:

“Our children need their father, Julian needs his freedom and our democracy needs a free press” #FreeAssange #FreePress

🐦🔗: twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1

This has been circling around the greek internet in the past few days. TV is trash. Eat the rich. Help the mentally ill/homeless.

I think chromosomes Y are far more often than X, around 3 times more.
So combinations like `XXXX` would be extremely rear...

@randomthoughts I dont think violence could stop violence in any way..

how about an international, anonymous hacker force that does damage to any wrongdoer ??

@posrev yes, searx is also self-hosted and decentralized

the man is here @andreas

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