Greek artist Danae Stratou, Desert Breath (1997) collaborative, monumental land art installation (Egyptian desert) covering 25 acres #womensart

i used to be a lot more exciting and also a lot more of a prick and it is time to return to that era

Of course you should hire a squirrel for a software engineering position. They're experts in tree-traversal and caching, and they're very well acquainted with kernels.

I seem to have somehow stumbled into the Subgenius sector of the Fediverse.

hi! while Pleroma itself does not presently accept donations, some of the developers, like myself, certainly do. to that end, you may wish to look at my new Patreon when considering how to fund fediverse development.

while donating to anyone (including Gargron) is a net positive for the fediverse, sponsoring individual developers whose ethical values align with your own may be a better option for you.

i mainly started a patreon because numerous people have enquired about whether i had one.

as i have previously discussed, i am trying to concentrate on ways to make money that are aligned with my goal of building a fediverse that can truly take the open web back from the proprietary services like facebook.

also, if you are building things with Pleroma or other related fediverse technology, you may want to pay close attention to my offered tiers -- i'm offering a substantial discount on what i normally charge for consulting on there, but it only applies to work that benefits the fediverse in a tangible way.

the person I've always wanted to be:
kicked off the day by going for a nice run, had breakfast while watching the sunrise, then morning meditation, tea, a couple hours of writing,

the person I actually am:
kicked off the day by spilling hot coffee all over myself, went back to bed

In case you missed it, you can follow people across the Fediverse even if you're using a different kind of site.

For example, here's a PixelFed account:

@earth's a PeerTube account...

@documentaries's a WriteFreely account...

@carbontwelve's a Plume account...

@PlumeDev's a Friendica account...


...and you can follow all of them from Mastodon.

Just click on the @ link to see their profile, and then click on Follow.

#Fediverse #Federation

If you're on Mastodon and know the web address of someone on the Fediverse, you can use this to follow them.

1. Copy their profile's web address into the Mastodon search box (see screenshots).

2. Click search, this should bring up a link to the profile and a follow button next to it.

3. Click follow!

This works with many kinds of Fediverse addresses including PixelFed, PeerTube and others. Try it!

You can also use this technique with web addresses of individual posts.

#MastoTips #Fediverse

found something that i couldn't find exactly where i thought i could find it.

confidence boost.

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

"It’s not difficult to view hustle culture as a swindle. After all, convincing a generation of workers to beaver away is convenient for those at the top."

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