In Yakutia a bear killed an ex-MP, who came there to hunt and had shot another bear.

I'd say, serves him right. Bears and tigers should definitely clear the taiga of the fuckers that come there with rifles.

So I'm not going to announce it properly until tomorrow but I've just deployed Site.js version 12.6.0, which adds Windows 10 support. If any of you want to kick the tires and let me know if the sky falls down or anything, I'd appreciate it.

It also has macOS Catalina support and a bit more polish in general across all platforms.

#SiteJS #SmallTechnology

Chromium grows by over 10,000 lines of code per day.

How often do you think security vulnerabilities are introduced at that pace?

How do we write secure software? Is it by writing giant applications with endlessly growing scope? Here's another idea: set a finish line and fucking stop when you get there. And don't make software which does everything in the first place.

Two of the most popular adblock extensions discovered to stuff tracking cookies into Chrome and generate revenue for the developers. Wouldn't be surprised if this was also present in the Firefox equivalent extensions #infosec #security #privacy

Solar powered micro datacenter in the work: the autonomous Datashedter ( need a better name, or sleep a bit more before naming things ... )

- 400W solar panels on top and a bunch of batteries for up to 4 days operations in the dark.
- Fiber uplink to main building.
- Wifi backup Uplink.
- the 3 Ham antennas in the picture are used for emergencies at crazy distances in case of all down in a 150-1000miles radius ( 1k miles is very very low bandwidth ofc ).

- DYI isolation in the work
- Moar shelves inside and probably power box overhaul.
- Testing/testing/testing.
- Migrating some services there ?

it should be fun to self host stuff :)

there are a lot of email validation regexes that claim to catch almost all valid addresses but i've only ever seen one claim that it matches the RFC perfectly, and it's incredible

Every time you think: "But what about all the good things he did", consider: "What about all the people and potentially great contributions we lost because of him."

We don't need leaders any more. We never did.

If any linkedin users could go give blackfire security a follow, I'd be appreciative!

take on XR and police arrests 

Why you should care about Hong Kong: A short introduction to the Sino-British Joint Declaration

Will Britain hold China to its promises under the Joint Declaration and #StandWithHK in our fight to protect our rights and freedoms?

Watch our animated video explaining the Sino-British Joint Declaration, for ease of sharing with our international friends and allies.

Sign the petition at

#FreedomHK #StandWithHK #ss #HongKong #UK what is this guys? a bot trap?

Being the kind of person that no one initiates in-person conversation with is so nice. I never have to pretend to have a personality

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