Do you use the translation feature with #Fedilab?
Did you know that we use our own translation engine without any tracking?

Don't hesitate to support us with server charges. Privacy is not an option.

Thank you 🙏

open-source συλλογική σύμβαση εργασίας

#GNU #Guix 1.3.0 is out, woohoo! 🎉


Lots of good stuff in there: usability improvements, performance improvements, #POWER9 support, and more!

Αν η κυβέρνηση είχε λίγο χιούμορ, θα έκανε καινούρια λίστα πέτσα για την εκστρατεία ενημέρωσης "Βγαίνουμε Έξω!" 😂

Λοιπόν @comzeradd,
οκ τα πλαστικά διαβρώνονται στη θάλασσα,
οκ τα τρώνε μετά τα ψάρια,
πώς καταλήγουν στο πιάτο μας ?
Τα ψάρια κάνουν το πλαστικό μυικό ιστό, ή απλώς το χωνεύουν ?? 🤨

how to build a system that allows participating users and entities to collaborate optimally in the face of adversity (such as biases, irrationality and even actual ill intent)

The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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No more english
Society has moved past the need for english

"having a lot of data centers has no correlation with spreading misinformation or enabling hate speech and online harassment beyond allowing such activities to scale. But a monopoly on the means of computation adds to the inertia that makes leaving said platforms challenging."

It's totally funny when browsing at this place 1/2 everyone either is hacker or posts random NSFW photos

Πρόστιμο 20.000 ευρώ σε εταιρεία που έστελνε ανεπιθύμητά διαφημιστικά SMS σε πολίτη παρά τη ρητή του εναντίωση - The Press Project - Ειδήσεις, Αναλύσεις, Ραδιόφωνο, Τηλεόραση

The Qualys Research Team has discovered a critical vulnerability in #Sudo, which allows an unprivileged user to gain root privileges in its default configuration. #linux #unix #vulnerability

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