Me when i was transitioning from a typewriter to a personal computer

“When I was young there were beatniks. Hippies. Punks. Gangsters. Now you’re a hacktivist. Which I probably would be if I was 20. Shuttin’ down MasterCard. But there’s no look to that lifestyle! Besides just wearing a bad outfit with bad posture. Has WikiLeaks caused a look? No! I’m mad about that. If your kid comes out of the bedroom and says he just shut down the government, it seems to me he should at least have an outfit for that.”

- John Waters on the sorry state of today's rebels.

The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

doesn't work on youtube, again...
also don't serve youtube videos anymore
the same

🖕 F U C K Y O U 🖕 google 🖕

Hit dance song the Lambeth Walk is popular in Germany, but Nazis have called it "Jewish mischief & animalistic hopping", part of Nazi party war against swing & jazz, so-called "Negermusik".

malware authors today don't even include ASCII art of laughing skulls in their viruses. where is their respect for the craft

One thing I like about the fediverse is that because each community is allowed to be as exclusive as it wants by not only size but also by personal values, it makes membership in those communities meaningful.

The various hellsites are like "you have an email address?" and that's kind of it. Sometimes they don't even validate it. So like being on twitter doesn't really have any meaning. But if you're on an instance in the fediverse, it means something. It means you meet whatever evolving social criteria that instance requires.

Even if we don't like or share each other's core values, we can use that meaning and make better, more rational decisions about how we go about our business and spend our time.

This small cat picture represents a huge step forward for Spectrum (

It is a window of a graphical application running inside an unprivileged VM, seamlessly drawn on the host system’s window manager just like any other window.

This is done using virtio-wayland, a technology invented for Chrome OS. I think it has huge potential, but to my knowledge, this is the first time it has been used outside Chrome OS (it was a real pain to port).

Thanks @puckipedia for the help!


On a Silly-O-Clock plane to Amsterdam, en route to Brussels to speak on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament on behalf of @Mastodon and small technology ( tomorrow.

Preview (slides):

#eu #mastodon #regulation #freedom #HumanRights #democracy

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