I normally don't like stickers on my laptop, but I had to make an exception for @OpenBSDAms ! If you want to support OpenBSD and virtualization on OpenBSD give them a try.

I also can't get over the awesome stamps they're using, props to @mischa and the rest of the team.

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Παραμονή της επετείου του #1821ελλας2021, η αστυνομία απωθεί σπουδαστές δραματικών σχολών, που βρίσκονται σε σιωπηρή διαμαρτυρία στο Σύνταγμα. #200_χρονια

Finally got myself a [solo key](solokeys.com) to replace my old U2F yubikey and enable 2FA on all of my SSH boxes. Tested with openssh-client from buster-backports plus openssh 8.4 in OpenBSD 6.8 and it worked out of the box!

Thanks to @esden and [1bitsquared](1bitsquared.com) for the prompt delivery.

With the tagging of OpenBSD 6.7 I finally got around to upgrading my last box (an eeepc 1000H) to 6.6. sysupgrade is pure magic

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I fear we may one day live in a world entirely without Club Mate

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In exactly 4 hours from now we'll launch our first in a series of VIRTUAL MEETUP EVENTS! Click the link to find out more about the stream (featuring speakers from @IPFSbot@twitter.com, @jitsinews@twitter.com and Matrix!) and join the Matrix live chat to get the full experience! matrix.org/open-tech-meetup/

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That looks really promising. Looking forward for the 1st episode.

"THE ACTIVIST", a 5 part documentary about people prepared to venture beyond conventional ethics (and sometimes beyond the boundaries of law) in their pursuit of change. By @brokep@twitter.com


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We are happy to announce that has a new/extra endpoint for (DNS over HTTPS) to use in your firefox for blocking ads & trackers


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Our new service is here!

LibreDNS: a public encrypted DNS service, that people can use to maintain secrecy of their dns traffic and bypass censorship. We already support "DNS over HTTPS" () and DNS over TLS.


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