[#Humour] « Qd une mise à jour est dispo sur votre ordi... » > Ok, elle est pas récente, mais me fait tjrs autant rire ! :-p #linux #win #mac

@moshtodon why everyone on social media is a dumbdumb she hears x and she interpret it y she is like CRAZY that what we call people that hear x and interpret y!

she needs not be on youtube and go see a therapist

@moshtodon so even with low fat cheese and low fat chicken you get ill!!!

@moshtodon low fat diet you get to get ill cause you are not excercizing!

also the fassion industry I mean the modeling, models where litteraly size zero that means you should not eat to have that body. we are humans we need to eat to run all day and excerice and build muscles so we can lift a bag or a basket or anything in the everyday life

@moshtodon in america its all about a few huge companies that have lots of animal products that make people have plenty of unhealthy choices.

they came up that carbs are bad and you heard dont eat carbs!!! CARBS that you need to move and excercise. no calories no sugar low carories....... so you knew what was bad... sugar and carbs!!!! so you knew what to not eat, what the human body really need to make the day and go to the gym and walk and run and have power all day. so even with

@moshtodon bodybuilders where advertised to get lots of animal protein, with vegan with just 40-50grams of protein a day you become stronger bodybuilder than a animal protein bodybuilder that intakes 100 and 200 gram

@moshtodon has a addictive substance!
so you do have craves for more and more if you eat even a bit or drink a little bit

@moshtodon i dont say she is conspirational she just learned huge lies all her education. and physicist is not the same, what you eat is what makes you sick and big farma makes money so nutritinists are taught falsly and doctors are not given nutrition lessons so people go only to doctors when they have an illness and if they try to go into a diet with a dietary they are told diets that help just a bit but they relapse again cause if you dont cut on meat you get addicted, milk itself from a cow

Some updates on federation:

The code powering the demo in the previous toot has been merged in the develop branch and deployed on open.audio.

This means that any public track published on open.audio can be searched from Mastodon and played via a single click.

I'm still looking for a way to have Mastodon embed the track directly via its audio player, but I'm going to call it a day ;)

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drink milk and big farma gonna milk you out till your last day you live!


@moshtodon all she sees is the bad that happens to animals not to humans

@moshtodon lol she is really out of reality... and she runs the veganrd.com and wrote books? the problem with those folks that are vegan but have studied years and years on false data from big companies and there is also the conspiracies that want people to be sick to pay the most profitable industry the farma industry......

so she has studied all the missinformation and now she cannot see that meat and milk and eggs kills poeple or at least allows big farma to milk them

@moshtodon he said that normal sugar with blocked cells cause diabetes and she says about a study about low carb and normal fat animal based that it helped lower sugar??? wtf carb = sugar? wtf is wrong with her

@moshtodon lost case this girl, he said that normal sugar when you eat meat based is blocked from getting in the cells and the diabetes is the high sugar in the blood! not that a high sugar diet is prefered!

EFF fights surveillance…and we do so in 11 languages in our educational resource, Surveillance Self-Defense ssd.eff.org/

"In the #Nivea colour #trademark case (that had been dragging on for eleven years before the plaintiff declared the withdrawal of the cancellation action), the German Federal Patent Court answered the question in the negative. " http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2019/11/hold-your-colour-cancellation-action.html

@schestowitz you say you need to connect through usb for it to work but then you say that it can be connected through wifi, please edit it so its clear for the beggining that there is a way of using it also over wifi after a setup

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