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"The tyranny of structureless"
/by Jo Freeman

Written so many years ago, still so insightful.

I strongly believe that it’s not our job to fix men. Men can fix themselves. They’re not *actually* helpless they’re just used to ridiculous levels of support from every side. And that is part of what’s toxic about masculinity: unacknowledged feelings of entitlement to constant and unacknowledged support.
It’s not really that hard to be a considerate and good person first.

Fight post depression, by watching "All Creatures Welcome".

Even better, organize a screening at your local hackerspace.

"Für jeden Jungen, von dem stets erwartet wird, dass er alles zu wissen habe, gibt es ein Mädchen, das es leid ist, dass niemand ihrer Intelligenz vertraut."

Powerplant: an open source web tool to make suggestions on which plants should go together into the same bed.

"there is no AI, it's just privileged people's choices" ~ Le RESET hackerspace

"Feminist perspectives" panel at

Great to see many sessions/discussions at . Happy to see a lot of hackers participating, trying to figure out ways to contribute and use technology for environmental activism.

TL;DR: If you want a respecting browser stay away from Creating a ledger and monetization system upon collecting "users' attention" is hardly a way to start with.

In this work I use IPFS aiminig for a censorship-resistant and distributed data storage. If you want to contribute with a story please get in touch.
More to come soon!

" gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages"


1. Direct messages are not private.

2. Don't use Facebook login on other services. Ideally use different email address.

Look if you want to write proprietary software just write proprietary software, don't pretend you're doing a social good by doing so

In light of Australia's anti-encryption, this is an important message from

It's not enough for services to state they decline to add a backdoor. It should be practically impossible to do so. Based on their architecture and verifiable by public source code.


Remember: That hideous recaptcha check you have on your login/register forms is part of your website's .

Also: Stop feeding with your users' data

I’m sorry to post a link to surveillance capitalist YouTube but you need to watch this speech by Hannah Gadsby in full. In under eight minutes, not only does she give a masterclass in intersectional feminism but also a biting critique of the hypocrisy at the heart of neoliberalism.

(Please visit the link below in a separate browser in incognito mode if possible, it leads to YouTube, an unsafe site.)

btw the only reason tumblr is removing porn is because apple blocked their app for nsfw content. if you were still on the fence about whether or not walled gardens have a negative effect on free speech

Privacy is Consent. Privacy means only sharing what you want to share with people. That's it. It's just consent. Respect the consent of others. Enforce your own consent. That's it. Consent.

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