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“Richard M. Stallman, frequently known as , has been a dangerous force in the free software community for a long time. He has shown himself to be misogynist, ableist, and transphobic, among other serious accusations of impropriety. We, the undersigned, ask for the entire Board of the to step down and for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions.”

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Κοπεγχάγη σήμερα: "End police brutality in Greece and every where!"

“The Venn circles of Silicon Valley tech folks, libertarians, finance bros and oil and gas bros all seem to meet centrally at whatever the hell is.”

"it seems essential that a tech service or system is considered reliable, not only if it satisfies the client on the short term, but also if it doesn’t contribute to jeopardize the client’s future."

SRE methods and

"When you look at yourself in the mirror,
I hope you see yourself, your own strength.
Not one of the myths. Not a failed man,
a person who can never succeed because success is basically defined as being male."
~Ursula K. Le Guin

"Borders. Borders. Borders.
On Evros wall, on Aegean bottom,
lies every European's security."

Syntagma Sq.

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is considering new plans to ban dairy from:

– have informative descriptions like ”doesn’t contain milk”
– use the same packaging as dairy products (eg. cartons)
– explaining the climate impact of food

We are very close to have the first hunger strike dead in . First one in Europe after 40 years (during Thatcher).

The most conservative and authoritative government of recent history, chooses revenge over justice.

"Free Speech" is not the issue here. Even mastodon instances have a content policy (rightfully so).

The problem is "tech platforms oligopolies", created by unregulated free market. But neoliberals don't like this narrative, especially now that their allies get de-platformed.

Happy new year everyone! 🥂
Let’s keep the best out of this difficult year and fight even harder in 2021 🌍 🌱 ✊🏻

“After learning about 40y ago, these corporations could have invested in green research to anticipate alternate energy sources of energy for the future. Instead, they tried to perpetuate their existing business models.”

How Amazon uses social media to track environmental activism & social movements (incl. Greenpeace, FFF), perceived as a threat to its operations. How they track online activity of workers leading organizing efforts.

"53% of the protein is used to feed farm animals. 2/3 of this food is lost in conversion from plant to animal.

UN expects meat consumption to rise by 70% by 2030 (3 times the rate of human population growth). The land required to grow them doesn't exist"

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