We launched our own proxy. A way of connecting to its instance messaging network in places where it's being actively censored.

Just open a support ticket for connection details. Or pass the message on people you know in affected areas.


Εκεί στο ΗΔΙΚΑ έχουν πάρει την ασφάλεια προσωπικών ιατρικών δεδομένων πολύ σοβαρά.

Ολοκληρώνοντας την εγγραφή στην εφαρμογή προσωπικού γιατρού, έρχονται στοιχεία εισόδου (username/password) plain text με email και sms🏅

"Consider that 80% of biodiversity on the planet is to be found on Indigenous territory. Saying that *humans* are responsible for ecological devastation is a continuation of colonial racism." ~ @PeterGelderloos


Υπάρχουν άνθρωποι. Κι υπάρχουν κι αυτοί που όταν διαβάζουν την Αντιγόνη ταυτίζονται με τον Κρέοντα.

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." ~ Anatole France

Massive protests yesterday in many places around in solidarity with anarchist .

He is close to 2 months of demanding his release, since he is fulfilling all the legal requirements. Court denies due to his political beliefs.

head resigned pending investigation for illegal pushbacks of seeking asylum.

Meanwhile in the far right trolls backed by the government/media official narrative are sending death threats to anyone stating the facts.


0. Φτιάχνεις λογαριασμό εδώ (ή όπου) και κάνεις login.
1. Preferences → Account → Account Settings → Moving from a different account (τέρμα κάτω) → create an account alias → βάζεις το φουλ όνομα του παλαιού λογαριασμού πχ. satanikokoutavi@mstdn.social → Create Alias.
2. Πας στο παλαιό account και κάνεις login.
#αλληλοβοηθεια #αλληλοβοήθεια

Στο παρελθόν είχαμε μιλήσει για τη συμφωνία που *επιτρέπει* στους παρόχους email, chat και messaging apps την αναζήτηση στα προσωπικά μηνύματα κάθε πολίτη ().


Σήμερα, η Ευρωπαική Επιτροπή δημοσίευσε νομοσχέδιο για την *υποχρεωτική* εφαρμογή των .


We always strive to keep as less logs as it's technically possible for any of our services to run smoothly. Our instance is no exception to this.

Here is the story of how we anonymize IP addresses of user accounts.


@hakmem he is building a social network of his own and rumors say they do use some mastodon code: blog.joinmastodon.org/2021/10/

Some other alt-right platforms also use mastodon (eg. gab), although many other instances have blocked federating with them.

@panospet Υπάρχει. Mπορείς να το επιλέξεις από Preferences > Appearance

@lstamellos @foufoutos Νομίζω πως ο βασικός λόγος που δεν το θέλουν στο Mastodon είναι γιατί θεωρούν πως προσφέρεται για harassment/toxicity. Με τη λογική πως αντί να απαντάς και να πιάνεις συζήτηση με τον άλλο, απλά σχολιάζεις/χλευάζεις/κλπ.

@hakmem True. But I see people being puzzled by the initial step of having to choose a mastodon instance. I guess it's been a long time for most of them since they had to do the same for their email.

It's amazing to observe people ranting against 's federated structure, while at the same time they keep using email.


I have a joke about trickle-down economics, but 99% of you will never get it.

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