"The text of and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised" /by @Senficon@twitter.com

1. Look up your representatives’ voting behavior at SaveYourInternet.eu

2. Call or visit your MEPs’ offices europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/hom

After a cool hacking session and relative discussions with fellow hackers last night, I started playing around with again.

Feel free to reach me there too.


"Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts..." ~ gibson

Nice ending slide at the talk at :)

"η χρήση της πλαστικής σακούλας έχει μειωθεί σε τεμάχια κατά περίπου 54% και σε ποσότητα πλαστικού κατά περίπου 42%."

"Απολογισμός ενός χρόνου επιβολής ανταποδοτικού περιβαλλοντικού τέλους για την πλαστική σακούλα" /by @greenpeace_gr@twitter.com


“Public Money? Public Code!", a policy brochure published by @fsfe@twitter.com

download.fsfe.org/campaigns/pm (pdf)

"Why should governments develop Free Software? Where is Free Software already generating benefits in the public sector?"

Fascists, Nazis, (far-)Right, Church clerics, all together gathered today in against the agreement. Protesting about another country's name.

Supporting media, criticizes police tear gazing some protesters. I call this dogfooding.

"The tyranny of structureless"
/by Jo Freeman

Written so many years ago, still so insightful.


Fight post depression, by watching "All Creatures Welcome".

Even better, organize a screening at your local hackerspace.


"Für jeden Jungen, von dem stets erwartet wird, dass er alles zu wissen habe, gibt es ein Mädchen, das es leid ist, dass niemand ihrer Intelligenz vertraut."

Powerplant: an open source web tool to make suggestions on which plants should go together into the same bed.
by @EcoHackerFarm@twitter.com


"there is no AI, it's just privileged people's choices" ~ Le RESET hackerspace

"Feminist perspectives" panel at

Great to see many sessions/discussions at . Happy to see a lot of hackers participating, trying to figure out ways to contribute and use technology for environmental activism.

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