"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." ~ Anatole France

Massive protests yesterday in many places around in solidarity with anarchist .

He is close to 2 months of demanding his release, since he is fulfilling all the legal requirements. Court denies due to his political beliefs.

head resigned pending investigation for illegal pushbacks of seeking asylum.

Meanwhile in the far right trolls backed by the government/media official narrative are sending death threats to anyone stating the facts.


"It was not until I went to a meeting about climate change that I heard it was not god, but the rich people in the west who are doing this to us"
~ a farmer from Uganda

(reading through " is racist")


Feels so good to participate again in an in-person tech conference after so long 🥳

Almost 17M spent already since the start of the from states on Fossil Fuels. Indirectly funding the war.

Research by @EurBeyondCoal


"Three men are apprehended, put into a speedboat then pushed into the water while out at sea. Two of them did not survive."

“I resisted, they beat me properly before throwing me into the water.”

funded atrocities continue in


Big protest tonight in , against rape culture and lack of justice on recent events of violence against women.

"Οπτικοακουστική έρευνα για κητώδη στην Ελληνική Τάφρο" από @greenpeace_gr

Στα θαλάσσια οικόπεδα όπου @TotalEnergies @exxonmobil @HELPE_Group πρόκειται να ξεκινήσουν σεισμικές δοκιμές για αναζήτηση πετρελαίου και ορυκτού αερίου.


If you are wondering what's the "European Way of Life" (what an Orwellian title), the Commissioner in charge, M. Schinas, inaugurated two new Concentration camps in Kos & Leros (). Both funded by .

"When at last would you stop lying about the pushbacks? About what's happening with in ? Please don't insult our intelligence."

A journalist speaking truth to the Greek PM. Not easy to witness that in Greece, where almost all mainstream media are pro-government.

Resisting government plans for privatizing the forest, making plans for corporate economic growth in places where people want to live in balance with nature.

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Protests today in by people living in areas hit by the summer . Coping with the aftermath of complete state abandonment, resulting to rain floods this autumn.

“Greece’s lack of a strategic planning framework allows developers to license wind power projects many times over requirements, disregarding their impact on local habitats.”


"the unavioidable reality of climate change", said the Greek PM, while issuing permits for fossil fuel drilling.

"trees regrow", while allowing industrial investments in Natura regions.

"houses can be rebuilt", owner of 36 properties.

This is how (Greek) banks are implementing "3-D Secure". A pop-up asking you to enter your e-banking credentials, with no way to verify that is actually coming from the bank. @winbank_tweets in this case.

Interesting how "3-D secure" made phishing attacks easier than ever 🤦‍♂️

"Borders. Borders. Borders.
On Evros wall, on Aegean bottom,
lies every European's security."

Syntagma Sq.

🎥 @ThePressProject

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