war is expected to create a food deficit that would mostly affect the poorest countries.

Yet an 8% reduction in the use of cereals for animal feed just in the would save enough wheat to make up for the expected deficit.


Go vegan! ... or at least reduce your meat and animal produce consumption.

If you stop eating meat one day per week, it's already a 14% reduction.

#MeatFreeMonday #GoVegan

And let cows starve or feed them with grass? What kind of monster would do that?!
Or wait... Are you suggesting we should eat less meat?? 😱

Sorry... I think I need to go to bed...


Thanks globalism for concentrating things. Really working out well. If the EU wants to starve themselves again, by all means. Good riddance.

And green peace is a joke of a religion. Like reading about the benefits of forgoing pork from a imam.

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