"there is no AI, it's just privileged people's choices" ~ Le RESET hackerspace

"Feminist perspectives" panel at

"an army of lover bots cannot LOOSE"? 🤔😞

@comzeradd Everything on that screen is like "👏👏🙌🙌".

"our bots make you wet" — YES PLS

@comzeradd Once I learnt how to do a cervical smear (I still have to hack my own equipment together) I was so fucking angry at how simple and how cheap and simple it is, and how lazy and greedy labs and doctors are for doing such half assed testing, doing it so rarely, when it prevents CANCER and DEATH. Socialized medicine my ass.

@comzeradd So true. AIs for houses with heating and translating signs while on vacation. Same with robotics. Robots for driving people to bars and lifting up patients in hospitals.

@comzeradd Mouaip. Tout ca pour ça, au RESET. Mouaip. Mouaip. Mouaip. Quel cyber-hacktivisme, que de crypto-anarchisme punchy ! LOL.

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